Repeatability in Computer Science

  1. Q: Why do you mark papers as EMno when the code is available, albeit under a non-disclosure agreement?
    A: When authors asked us to sign a license or non-disclosure agreement, we marked the paper as code not available, EMno. We did this in analogy with conferences (such as OSDI) which will not consider papers accompanied by NDAs. In a future scenario where publications require research artifacts to accompany a paper submission, such restrictions would, presumably, also apply to code.
  2. Q: My code wasn't available at the time of your study, but now it is. Would you please update your results accordingly?
    A: We report on information that was available to us at the time of the study. The study is now closed, and we will only update our results when clerical errors are pointed out to us. However, if your code has recently become available, please send us the link and we will add it to the Update column of the results table.
  3. Q: In the Response column of your results table you say "We originally …" What do you mean by "originally?" Does this refer to Version 1 of the study?
    A: No, the Response column should be read as our comment on the feedback we received from authors in our survey. So, "originally" refers to the Version 2 results that were collected prior to the author survey.